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Relaxing and refreshing ...

Time Out for Ten

'the rest of your life'

Click the video below and watch beautiful garden images as you listen and begin to relax . . . .  

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Hello, and welcome to stresslessens. 

My name is Michele Bolitho. For eleven years, I had a successful career as a Stress Management Consultant in Canberra, Australia with my own private practice and seminar centre, Open Mind. 

During that time, I worked with literally thousands of normal women and men, who were all experiencing problematic stress. These days I'm a full-time writer. (If you'd like to join my mailing list for free articles, see subscription box below.)TIME OUT FOR TEN is a guided relaxation that I recorded when I was a busy consultant, with my friend Dr Alan Hinde, a highly skilled and qualified ambient musician. TIME OUT FOR TEN works - it has worked for thousands of others and 

I'm sure it will work for you. It will quickly bring your stress level down and leave you feeling relaxed and refreshed. I can confidently add a guarantee to this claim. If it doesn't work for you, and you let me know within 30 days of purchase, I'll refund your $7 in full, no questions asked (and you keep the file).

TIME OUT FOR TEN  is available for instant download as             an mp3 file 

For a once-only payment of $7 USD

 you can listen for the rest of your life

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We call this blissful audio experience TIME OUT FOR TEN because it's a simple title, but it actually lasts 11 minutes and 23 seconds. This means that

you actually get a FREE BONUS of almost a minute and a half!

TIME OUT FOR TEN will work for you every time. 

Yes, every time you play it, TIME OUT FOR TEN will relax you and refresh you . . .

How can I be so confident about this claim? 

Because as Alan and I were recording, we both slipped into the alpha state. (Just listen to the part 'relax your lower back' and you'll hear that we're well and truly away!) As you listen, your brain will start to cycle in synch. You'll synch to a relaxing alpha brain rhythm before you know it. (Alpha's like the very first stage of sleep, yet you're still actually awake.)

At the time of recording, I had been running relaxation session for so many years I could just get comfortable, close my eyes and make up the words as I went along. I had no need of a script. I didn't know this at the time, but Alan at the keyboard was doing the same thing. Being so experienced in playing ambient or 'New Age' music, he had no need of a music score. He had his eyes closed too!

The year was 1990. I had wanted a recording for my meditation students to guide them into simple alpha meditation during classes, between classes, and after the course was over, so I asked Alan if we could record together. What we ended up with was quite magical. We kept that one and only take. When I sit and listen, it still works for me, every time.

Listeners were finding the recording so effective, I was soon being asked for just the relaxation part before the meditation begins. As an audio cassette, this relaxation excerpt sold over two thousand copies, yet it was never actively promoted. 

Word simply spread about how easily it facilitated an almost instant shift from our normal waking state of beta to the slower brainstate of alpha in a very gentle and pleasant way. I've had two years' training in Elocution, and my voice is clear and well-modulated.  For some listeners, my Australian accent is an added attraction, I've been told.

The feedback was amazing, and so varied. Hospitals used the relaxation tape in pain clinics, students used it to ready themselves for exams. It was even being used by nuns in a convent in Brisbane, Queensland to prepare for the peace and quiet of vespers after a busy day!

Alan has now converted the relaxing audio experience into an mp3 file and it's available here by way of the Buy Now button above for instant download  Once you have the mp3 file, you can listen anytime you like.

Electrical equipment operates at 50 hertz in Australia, and, as far as I know, 56 hertz or cycles/second in the United States and some other countries.  This is a fast 'beta' rhythm.  If you are buzzing at the same rhythm as your computer, you're in fast beta much of the time. 

You may like to move your download to your mp3 player so you can listen in your favourite quiet place - for me, this means the garden. If you listen before falling asleep, rather than relaxing and refreshing you, Tim Out for Ten can relax you. It will prepare you for better quality sleep that's deep and rhythmic. 

In any life circumstances, taking ten minutes' time out to slow down in alpha will be very beneficial to your wellbeing. By being relaxed and refreshed, you'll probably work more efficiently and achieve more as well.

Creativity flows easily when we're in the alpha state. Taking ten minutes to prepare for a creative session will get you in the mood, and make it easier, to successfully fulfil any creative task. (You may surprise yourself with what you achieve!)

As you listen to Time Out for Ten, you will easily synchronise your brain rhythm to the alpha state - absolutely no effort required. I guarantee it. Buy it once and you'll have it for any time, any place you need it. 

For your weary stressed self, Time Out for Ten is a wonderful small gift, and it's one that keeps on giving.

Dr Alan Hinde, ambient musician and composer

Visit Alan's website

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